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Innovative products from Japan


Grafton creates new value from new technology and contribute to sustain safe environment.
Grafton develops and produces polymer chemisorbent (chemical absorbent) by their proprietary technology of copolymerization.
Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance such as leukemia.
Their technology aims to remove formaldehyde from your circumstance and makes it close to "0" (zero) as much as possible. 


Grafton is high performance polymer material by polymer reaction technology (Patent no. 3742575) which co-polymerizes substrate and functional group with activated absorbent function by irradiation co-polymerization process.
The chemisorbed target materials on a molecular level such as acid and alkali materials are converted into the environmentally safe materials without desorption.
It absorbs, dissolve and detoxifies harmful substance by chemisorption. 

Grafton's agents are in China and South Korea.

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